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Incoming 6th Graders

By Thursday evening, please make sure your 6th grader can log in to their Google account and that they remember their passwords.  

Most incoming 6th graders know their usernames and passwords.  They used them in 5th grade for iReady and to access their Google Classrooms.  

If they do not remember their username, it can be found by logging into Aeries through Homelink, going to the Student Info pulldown menu. choosing Demographics, and clicking on the Student Data 2 tab.  Their username is in the Network Login ID field. Parents were emailed instructions on how to set-up their Aeries Homelink account.  

Their passwords have not been reset from what they used last year.  If they do not remember their passwords, there are different variations that should be tried before contacting the school. 

The default password is the student's initials followed by their ID number.  For example, Jane Doe would have a password of jd1234567.  Passwords are not capitalized.  We ask students to change their password to the default followed by an exclamation mark at the end.  So Jane Doe's new password would be jd1234567!. Other variations might be with the student number first, followed by the initials (1234567jd).  

If a student cannot remember their password, please fill out this Google Form and one will be emailed to you.  Please allow 3-4 hours for a return email.