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Student Support

Gentle RemindersSCHOOL CLOSURE UPDATE - Join our new Google Classroom!
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While schools are closed, we are still checking our email and can answer questions and support needs of students and families.  Our email addresses are below.  Here is also a list of community resources we've put together as well as suggested activities to do at home during this time.  We are thinking about you!

James Saldivar, School Counselor (6th/7th/8th A-L)
Virtual Counseling Office Hours: M-F, 11am-12pm & as requested        by student email.  

Robin Zahner, School Counselor (6th/7th/8th M-Z)
 * Follow me on Twitter: @RobinZMDUSD
                                                                             Virtual Counseling Office Hours: M-F, 11am-12pm & as requested                                                                                     by student email.  925-378-3912

                                                                             Dan Roll, Student Support, (6th, 7th, 8th grade)

The counselors at Pleasant Hill Middle School collaborate with students, families and staff to help students reach their highest potential.  We work with classes as a whole, run small groups and meet individually with students.  We provide support to students needing help academically, socially and emotionally.

James Saldivar
Mr. James Saldivar (6th, 7th, 8th grades: Last names A-L) (925) 682-8000 ext. 3955

It is with great excitement that I join this amazing team here at Pleasant Hill Middle School. Having been born and raised in Pleasant Hill I feel privileged to be working with the same community that played such a significant role in my personal development. My goal as a school counselor is to be a reliable resource for students and parents during this critical time in a child's life.

Robin Zahner
Ms. Robin Zahner (6th, 7th, 8th grades: Last name M-Z) (925) 682-8000 ext. 3956    

I am excited to be back for my third year at Pleasant Hill Middle!  Working with this age group has been a fun and adventurous challenge.  At this age, 6th-8th grade students continue through self-discovery, work to become more independent and feel the stress of changes around and within them.  I like to view my role at PLHMS as a member of your student’s team, helping them navigate the process.  My work includes pushing for continued positive school climate, facilitating peer connection so that each student feels like a member of our community and assisting students in developing skills needed to be successful in middle school academically, socially and emotionally.  My experience includes working with students and families from a variety of different cultural and economic backgrounds at both the elementary and middle school levels.

Dan Roll





Mr. Dan Roll, (Student Support, 6th, 7th, 8th grades) 

I have been working at Pleasant Hill Middle School for seven years in the role of student support and my work with students focuses on using communication skills and thoughtful problem solving to deal with conflicts.  Middle school can be a challenging time socially.  Between changing friendships and increased social media interactions, there are times when you might not feel good about the way things are going with someone or more than one person on campus.  I love helping students navigate tricky social situations and helping them learn and practice skills that are super necessary for anyone planning to live a successful, fulfilling life.

Contact us:

James Saldivar, School Counselor (6th/7th/8th A-L)
(925) 682-8000 ext. 3955

Robin Zahner, School Counselor (6th/7th/8th M-Z)
(925) 682-8000 ext. 3956  

Dan Roll, Student Support, (6th, 7th, 8th grade)

Counseling Services:

  • One-to-one counseling and check-in’s
  • Small group counseling
  • Academic advisement  
  • Personal development
  • Career guidance           
  • Support with building peer relationships and conflict resolution
  • Providing resources for students/parents
  • Lunch time clubs (Game Room and GSA)
  • Classroom guidance
  • CARE team to discuss support for students
  • 504 case management

Students may see a counselor at any time. "Counseling Request Forms" are available at the counter in the student entrance of the office.

Who can refer a student to the counselors?

  • Self-Referral (Students can ask to see the counselor by leaving a note in the counselor box in the office)
  • Peer referral (A peer may refer a friend to the counselor)
  • Teacher referral
  • Parent referral

Additional Resources

Lunch time clubs