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Positive Behavior Intervention and Support

Welcome to our page that provides you with Pleasant Hill Middle School’s PBIS updates. 

What is PBIS?  PBIS is an acronym for Positive Behavior Intervention and Support.  As a PBIS school, PLHMS has a school motto that states the three main expectations of students at school.  The school motto is “Be Kind, Be Helpful, Work Hard.”  As a PBIS school, we also strive to create an overall positive school climate where students want to follow expectations, do their part and be an active member of the school community. 

PBIS Big Ideas

  • Create a school climate where EVERYONE feels welcome, wanted and important
  • Increase consistency across staff and student in understanding behavioral expectations
  • Increase the ratio of positive to negative interactions throughout the school
  • Decrease the use of punitive and exclusionary discipline; focus on alternatives to suspension and expulsion
  • Focus on what we can change
    •  Redefining the environment to enable students to be academically and behaviorally successful
  • Do the smallest things that have the biggest impact
    •  If it’s working, don’t change it
    • If it’s NOT working…be honest and be humble---listen
  • Maximize our resources though data-based decisions and research based practices
  • Successful individual student behavior support is linked to host environments or school climates that are effective, efficient, relevant, and durable (Zins and Ponti, 1990).

Positive Behavior Interventions & Support (PBIS)-- LMO/9/23/14










Our “Kind, Helpful, Hardworking” weeks will return for their second annual appearance when we come back from holiday break.  During these weeks, students will be recognized by teachers and staff with kind, helpful and hardworking bracelets that they will have the opportunity to trade in for a kind, helpful or hardworking T-shirt.  The more students are rewarded for following expectations, the more they want to and take pride in doing so.  It is a win, win!

Other PBIS initiatives already in place this year include:

- Staff appreciation board with acknowledgements from students and staff (located right outside    of the adult entrance of the main office)

- Lunch crew on Mondays and Fridays

- Peer Tutoring

- Coming soon, students and staff will be able to acknowledge one another on an on-going basis via Kind, Helpful, Hardworking certificates.  Random recipients will be acknowledged publicly during morning announcements.