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Independent Study Contract

The District does not support the practice of taking trips/vacations on school days and parents are urged to schedule their travel during school breaks.  However, family emergencies sometimes will necessitate travel out of the area and to avoid missing class for these reasons, students can contract to do work during the period of their absence.   Independent Study Contracts must meet strict California State guidelines in order to result in excused absences:

  • Short term independent study contracts must be 5 days minimum and 15 maximum. 
  • A request for contract must be made at least 10 school days in advance.
  • A request for contract will not be approved for the first week of school or for dates after mid-May of the current calendar year. 
  • All work must be returned by date on signed contract.

It will be important for parents to meet with the office staff to go over all requirements of an independent study contract and the importance of following the strict guidelines.  If all terms of the contract are not met; the contract becomes invalid.  The additional days of absence will be considered unexcused and will count towards truancy limits.

Independent Study contracts “thru/end date” deadline is the Friday before Memorial Day. That means the student should return to school the Tuesday after Memorial Day. 

Questions may be directed to the School Attendance Secretary, Lourdes Castellanos at  or 925-256-07961, Ext 3934.