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Our Focus

We are most happy to welcome all our students and their families to Pleasant Hill Middle School.  Our goal is to create a school community of students, parents, teachers, support staff and administrators who coexist in an environment of mutual trust. It is expected that each person in our community will be regarded as having human dignity and worth and thereby be treated with respect at all times. Our priorities:

  • Promote the Pleasant Hill Middle School culture of Be kind, Be helpful, and Work hard.

  • Build positive relationships with students through the implementation of weekly Advisory Lessons that focus on social emotional learning, equity, current events, monthly celebrations, and executive functioning.

  • Monthly reading and discussion of Grading for Equity.

  • Ensuring first, best instruction that is engaging, rigorous and targets what students need to know and be able to do in their futures. Continue use of common assessments and data analysis to inform instruction.

  • Instructional Rounds with an Equity Lens that focus on Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning.

  • Shared and Transparent Leadership.

  • Supervision and Safety.